Fun things to do with kids in Frederick, MD 


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When you’re stuck inside, what can you do to keep your children occupied? “We sometimes do play dates at someone’s house if it’s a super rainy day. In the summer we like to go to the library. That’s not really a place you can run off energy, but there are summer activities. I’ve gone to Flips in the past too,” says Anne Gaumer of New Market, MD. What kinds of things do parents and caregivers look for when it comes to finding indoor amenities? “I like to find a place that offers a variety of activities for a wide age range. Somewhere the kids won’t get bored after a few minutes of playing,” says Sean Robbins of New Market. 

The Original Playhouse in New Market offers a host of creative indoor play opportunities. Kids get to use their imaginations to play dress up, make crafts and play in the water tanks. It keeps their minds engaged. Kids can bounce to their heart’s content at Backyard inflatables or Pump it Up. “We like to be active and if it’s an inside activity I like to make sure the place is clean especially in the winter months when all the sicknesses are going around,” says Lauren Nolke of New Market. 

Parents want indoor activities for a wide range of ages. They want a place where kids can keep their minds and bodies engaged. Most of all you want a fun place in Frederick to go with your children. Find all of this, and so much more at Adventure Park USA.  

Adventure Park USA offers a truly unique experience that everyone can enjoy. With its unique western theme and giant indoor activity center, this place is truly one of a kind. Let’s take a look at what Adventure Park USA has to offer your family on a rainy day. 

Rustler’s Ridge Rock Wall 

Kids love to climb. Give them a chance to do it safely. Rock climbing is a great way to help your child improve their physical fitness. Climbing is a great way for kids to build their upper body strength and coordination. Nothing feels better than getting to the top of the wall and knowing that you were able to do it all on your own. It’ll be a great boost to their self-esteem. 

Hang ‘em High  

Harness yourself in for fun! This indoor ropes course offers family members a unique physical challenge. Put on the safety vest and climb the thirteen feet to the top. Help kids improve their balance, coordination and self-esteem. Even mom and dad can join in. What a rush! 

West World Laser Tag 

Let your kid’s bolster their imagination with this unique take on a modern classic. Adults and kids alike will love pretending to be cowboys and cowgirls as they race through an old western town. It’s quite an adventure! Build lasting memories by making laser tag a weekly family tradition. 

Spin Zone Bumper Cars 

Remember the bumper cars from when you were a kid? It’s an amusement park staple. Your children will have a blast with this nostalgic ride. Kids love the autonomy of being able to drive a car on their own, plus the cars spin around every time they get bumped!  

Stampede Arcade 

Play old classic games such as Skee-ball, Space Invaders and Air Hockey. 

Research shows that playing arcade games together as a family can actually be beneficial for your child’s development. Gaming can improve their multi-tasking and decision making capabilities. Research shows that it can sharpen their reflexes and increase their muscle memory.  

Nothing beats an active lifestyle and making good healthy choices when it comes to food. However, studies have indicated that gaming may actually curb cravings, and even help reduce overall weight. Not only are games fun for everyone to play, but they can also help your kids learn how to problem solve. Problem solving is an important skill that will serve them the rest of their lives. Games also teach children how to strategize and can help them improve their academic skill. Playing together offers a positive outlet for their energy and can help reduce their stress. Not only that, but it also helps them to develop social and communication skills. Last but not least it promotes family bonding and creates a lifetime of memories for everyone. 

After a few hours of lively competition in the arcade, you and your kids have probably worked up quite an appetite. Take a walk over to the Chuck-Wagon Cafe for some delicious snacks to fuel you up for more adventure. 

The Chuck Wagon Cafe 

The cafe offers all of your kid’s favorites including chicken nuggets, hotdogs and pizza. Enjoy some sweet treats such as funnel cake fries, Dippin Dots and cotton candy. Quench your thirst with a Pepsi or a flavored Icee. You will be impressed by the friendly and helpful staff. 

Mini-golf in Frederick, MD 

Many people have great memories of playing mini-golf with their friends and loved ones. Create more family bonding and friendly competition with game. Adventure Park USA features not one, but two eighteen hole mini-golf courses; Thunderin’ Falls and Dry Gulch. Dry Gulch is completely handicap accessible, so everyone can get in on the game. Relive those special childhood memories and make new ones.