Birthday Parties 


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Local parents have a lot to consider when it comes to planning their child’s special day. “First thing I look at is cost and how many kids are included for the price. I have a large extended family and they are local so they usually take up most of the spots. And of course, the girls want their friends there too so I need a spot where there can be a lot of kids and still allow me to stay within budget,” says Sarah Preston of New Market. “It’s a kid’s birthday party, not a wedding. I will spend a few hundred for the convenience of not having a house full of kids,” says Cinnamon Wright of Frederick. Adventure Park USA offers convenient birthday party packages that allow you to sit back and enjoy your child’s special day.  

Sarah Preston also mentioned the importance of a child-friendly environment when planning her children’s birthday parties. “The staff is also important – if they are lackluster and don’t care about what is going on it can ruin the party vibe. I like to see engaged employees that genuinely like kids!” she says. Sarah also pointed out that she wants a party that is easy to plan. “At the end of the day this is a party for a bunch of young kids. They care about the games, presents and cake. It doesn’t need to be over-the-top and include too much,” she says. 

With increasingly busy schedules, working families want a party that is easy and affordable. When you start to look for your child’s next birthday party venue, think of Adventure Park USA. From the invitations to the cake, they make planning a memorable party a breeze. Allow their friendly and helpful staff to offer you a one of a kind birthday party experience. In need of a last minute birthday gift? Pick up some Adventure Park gift cards, which they sell in any denomination. Customize your birthday party with the many sweet and delicious options that Adventure Park USA offers. From Vegetable and Fruit Trays, to Dippin’ Dots and brownies, they can accommodate even the pickiest of eaters. Each birthday party package offers a pizza, and what kid doesn’t love pizza? 

Parking and accessibility are also important when you’re looking for a place to host your kid’s next birthday. “I don’t want anyone frustrated because they couldn’t find the venue or a parking spot. And I don’t want to field half a dozen calls on the day of the party,” says Cinnamon Wright. Conveniently located off of Route 70 in Monrovia, Adventure Park USA is easy to find and features plenty of on-site parking. 

Oftentimes, families plan an outdoor party at home or at a local park. Frederick County has some fantastic parks with pavilions that families can rent out for their children’s birthday. Kids love having an open green space to run around in. However, even if you plan your child’s birthday down to the last detail, it’s difficult to plan around the weather. Maybe you’ve already started setting up for the party when all of a sudden you hear a crack of thunder. Wasn’t it supposed to be clear and sunny all day? An unexpected rainstorm can do a lot to ruin the party you’ve painstakingly planned. Cancelling the party will not only leave your guests disappointed, but it will also leave your kid seriously bummed out on their special day. No parent wants that! 

Adventure Park USA is here to save the day, and your rained out party! Give Adventure Park a call, and they will do everything they can to accommodate all of your last minute birthday party needs. What a relief. Plus, Adventure Park USA is one of the premier birthday party places in Frederick, MD. 

If your child has a Spring or Summer birthday, they can enjoy one of Adventure Park’s many exciting outdoor attractions. Take your guests on the Crater Lake Bumper Boats or for a spin around the Blazing Trail Go-Kart track. The park offers not one, but two thrilling roller coaster rides. The Wild West Express has a fifty-three foot drop, and the Wild Cat is a twisty adventure. 

If you are looking for a real adrenaline boost, take some time to try out their Skycoaster. The Skycoaster combines skydiving and hang-gliding into one unique and ultimately thrilling experience. Or stop by the Gemstone Mining Co. to let your kids pan for gold and gems.  

In short, when looking for fun things to do indoors or outdoors in Frederick, MD look no further than Adventure Park USA.