Spin Zone Bumper Cars


Buckle up and get ready for a crazy ride on the Spin Zone Bumper Cars at Adventure Park USA.  Check your inhibitions at the door as you bump, spin and crash into your opponents on the bumper cars course.  Spin out in your bumper car and laugh along with your friends and family while trying to avoid (or not avoid) someone bumping into you. This competitive interactive attraction at our out-of-this-world park in Maryland will have you wanting to come back for rough and tumble adventures.

Just remember that after the ride there is no need to hold onto those competitive feelings, just fun and bumpy memories. At Adventure Park USA we are more than just your average outdoor theme park, that is why we offer fun activities for the entire family on top of our mind-blowing rides. From our Spin Zone Bumper Cars to our Tumbleweed Coaster and our Frog Hopper to our Stampede Arcade, everyone will love their day at Adventure Park USA.  So come on down and see what all the fuss is about! We are ready to host your next family event, party or corporate event at any time!