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Fall is here, and now all I want to do is drink cider surrounded by pumpkins outside in the cool air. While looking for a place to satisfy my fall cravings Adventure Park USA New Market, MD came up! They have a family fun Fall Festiv-ALL that has both kids cide AND adults over 21 years old hard cider, pumpkin field and more outside fall themed activities. My best friend came into town with her 2 and 4 years old sons, and I knew this would be perfect since my kids are 8 and 9 years old. The Fall Festiv-ALL offered loads of all ages activities they could do together and still enjoy despite the age difference! When I sent her the Fall Festiv-ALL web link she was sold and we met there after her boys napped to make sure they had the energy for all that seasonal excitement! 


As soon as we walked in and were greeted by the arcade lights on the right and BBQ smells from Whistlestop on the left we knew there was no leaving the Fall Festiv-ALL without experiencing the rest of Adventure Park USA before going home. We bought Fun passes with our Fall Festiv-ALL tickets to ride some rides and play some games afterwards. The Fall Festiv-ALL is in an open area to the left of the giant slide and I love how there was draft beer and hard cider available for sale as soon as I entered the festival area. I absolutely loved the hard cider on tap and it put me immediately in the Autumn mood. The jumping pillow was the perfect place to start as it’s fun for all four kids and gave my best friend and I a chance to sip our drinks and catch up for a bit while they jumped. Once they started getting exhausted on the pillow they moved the shilo for some quiet sensory play. All four kids had fun digging and burying each other! The shilo recovery time led into another surge of energy for the big tube slides and zipline! The toddlers had so much fun cheering on the big kids racing each other on the zip lines. Even I got in on the zipline racing, and yes I won! 


The Fall Festiv-ALL offers a Native American Experience, which is very unique for the New Market, MD area. While on the giant tire wheels my kids heard a whip cracking and rushed over to see what it was. The Performer did a great job engaging the kids and quickly more kids came to join the show. He explained the weapons, culture, and history of his own tribe as well as other Native American tribes all over. The kids loved being able to see these weapons and clothing pieces in real life. 


We finished the Fall Festiv-ALL by petting all the fuzzy friends in the petting zoo and exploring the pumpkin patch. The kids had been playing at the Festival for about 2 hours and could have stayed longer, except those roller coasters were calling their name! The toddlers enjoyed many of the smaller rides while my kids ran to the big roller coasters and go karts. By the time we had ridden every ride at least twice we were starving! Luckily the Whistlestop BBQ restaurant has online ordering so we could place it before trying to wrangle the kids to a table and keep them occupied while waiting. They have food for even the picky eaters and we left full! 


While still at the park the kids were there asking me when we could come back and a friendly staff member let us know about the upcoming halloween party! Adventure Park has a spooktacular Halloween special event on October 30th 6:00pm-9:00pm!! We will definitely be coming to celebrate Halloween at the Adventure Park USA Halloween party with the kids. This is their 10th Annual Not So Scary Halloween Party and it is going to be bigger and better than ever! They are adding 4 acres of fun to the Fall Festiv-ALL for even more things to do and will fill up our bags with treats! There are even meet and greets with superheroes and some of our favorite characters! The tickets include access to use of the 30+ attractions, unlimited video games, trick or treating, prizes, games, and a DJ! My kids are so excited to go and I am excited for another reason for them to wear their costumes and burn off some of the calories from all the sugar. It is going to be a blast!

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the Maryland State of Emergency, effective March 16th 5pm Adventure Park USA will be closed until further notice.   

The Whistle Stop Smokehouse is open Tues – Sunday 11-8

The Park is closed today due to system maintenance.

Sorry, adventure Park USA is Closed today (9/1/21)

Due to inclement weather adventure park has closed early today, Wednesday, September 1st.

Easter Sunday

April 17

Adventure Park USA Will Be Closed September 18th