The kids are almost out of school. The sun is shining, and summer fun is what everyone is thinking about. Although most adults must work during the summer, there can be a reprieve from the everyday routine. Both kids and adults will love a trip away from the ordinary with an experience at Adventure Park USA. Do you know why you should choose this destination for your next day or week off? Discover the summer fun that can be had by exploring why family vacations are good in the first place. 

Bringing Loved Ones Together 

One of the main reasons why families take roadtrips near home is to bring everyone together. Modern families are extremely busy. Sports, academics, work and other activities are important, but they often fracture the family during the workweek. Adventure Park USA brings everyone together. 

For example, take on a mini-golf challenge or face your fears on one of the many exciting rides at our property. The whole family stays together, laughs and jokes about the day's excursions. This camaraderie is difficult to attain when everyone has different experiences on a given day. Let our family fun guide your way. 

Working up a Sweat 

Every parent knows that they must get their children moving during the summer. It's certainly easy to sit all day and play video games! Take a cue from the experts at Psychology Today, and improve your children's physical and mental health with a family vacation. 

Adventure Park USA offers many different activities that get you moving, including a rope course, laser tag and a rock wall. You can even create a workout from our mini-golf course. Whether it's hot or cold outside, there's always something to do at Adventure Park USA. 

Making Social Connections 

Stay cations make sense when you need to get things done around the home. They don't encourage social connections with friends and family, however. Get back in touch with a friend from high school or a long-lost cousin. Walk around our arcade to see which games you'd like to try together. For those unique relationships, try bumper cars to get any stress out of your mind or body. 

Take a break by heading over to our kitchen that serves all of your favorite theme-park foods. A hot dog and cold soda will satisfy your stomach while conversations flourish under a blue sky. 

Heading out on Rainy Days 

Your summer entertainment doesn't have to stop when rainy days appear. We offer plenty of indoor attractions to keep your vacation running smoothly. Try a virtual reality game or rent out a space in order to have a grand party. Stay cations can turn into trips of a lifetime when you add Adventure Park USA into your itinerary. 

In fact, you can stay at a nearby hotel during your rainy day stay. Enjoy the accommodations as you head over to our family-friendly facility. We practically guarantee that you won't want to leave Adventure Park USA until you've done it all. 

Entertainment for every age 

When you consider your choices of summer entertainment, you're limited by the operating hours. At Adventure Park USA, we know that you want to enjoy yourselves for as long as possible. Our summer hours accommodate those early birds in the morning along with the night owls discovering our nighttime options. Choose earlier times for the younger families, especially with infants or toddlers along for the ride. Reserve the evening hours for the adventurous teenagers and young adults. Everyone will create memories that last through the generations. 

Discounting for a Good Time 

Adventure Park USA understands that families are always looking for a good value for their hard-earned dollar. Visit our website so that you can see the current discounts available. We welcome military and first responders, for example, with a 10-percent discount on purchases of credits ($10 or more) or All Day Passes. 

Families find countless values with packaged deals. Explore our bundled options for enhanced discounts. Roadtrips near home don't have to be expensive retreats. Ask everyone about their interests and buy those tickets accordingly. You'll have an outstanding time without worrying about the checking account. 

Dedicating Ourselves to a Family-Oriented Experience 

Regardless of your age, Adventure Park USA offers a family-friendly experience around every corner. Our staff is always ready to help you with any questions you might have. There are resources, including first aid, to assist you at anytime. 

We're proud to run a facility with no alcohol or smoking allowed. Everyone should feel comfortable to be a kid again as you enjoy the rides and other attractions. 

Driving Our Way is Easy 

Your family outing just got a bit easier because of our convenient location. We're perfectly situated 40 miles outside of Baltimore and Washington D.C. Head down Interstate 70, and you can't miss our coaster view. 

Plan to make a day or two out of your visit. The entire family can feel like they're on a major holiday. You'll know that you're making memories without too much damage on your wallet. It's time to get moving and excited about hanging out together. That's what family living is all about. 

Are you interested in a vacation of a lifetime around Baltimore, MD, and Washington D.C.? Visit Adventure Park USA's homepage today! Family fun is our year-round promise to you. 

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