Looking for a great place in Frederick to have your child's birthday party? Worried about the possibility of rain, or other inclement weather? Do you need an easy, affordable and enjoyable solution for all of your birthday party needs? Adventure Park USA has everything you are looking for, plus so much more!

  • First up: all-inclusive, convenient and customizable birthday party packages.

  • They will take care of everything for you, from the invitations to the cake

  • A massive indoor entertainment center with a ton of physically active games and exciting attractions.

  • Pizza, funnel-fries, dippin' dots, they have all of your favorites! 

  • Their friendly staff will go out of their way to make your child's birthday go as smoothly as possible.

  • The Stampede Arcade has over 80 games to choose from, ensuring that everyone will find something to enjoy.

  • Adventure Park USA was named as the best kid's birthday party venue by the Frederick News-Post in their 2017 Best of the Best issue. 

  • They were also voted the best places to have your children's birthday in Prince George's and Anne-Arundel county by Macaroni Kid.  

  • Best things Maryland also named them as one of the ten best places for a kids birthday in Maryland. That's a lot of bests!

Working families have a lot on their plates. First, you have the stress of your job, then there is child care, household chores and a host of other family and relational obligations. In 2010 an online survey conducted by the APA (American Psychological Association) determined that “73 percent of parents report family responsibilities as a significant source of stress.” 

Yes, everyone knows that being a parent is a tough and often thankless gig. For working mothers, it can be especially difficult to find a balance. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published a study in 2013 stating that “women still do the lion’s share of the unpaid work in the home and caring for children and relatives, even when they work full time.” It can feel overwhelming to work a full day only to come home and have to make dinner, help your children with schoolwork, drive them to soccer practice and then tackle that lumbering pile of dirty laundry. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that on average women do “242 minutes of unpaid work compared with 148 minutes for men.” 

 Yes, mom, it's all on you. In 2015 NIH (National Institute of Health) published an article entitled; "Stress and the Multiple-Role Woman: Taking a Closer Look at Superwoman." The study notes that women often fill "multiple concurrent full-time roles such as wife, mother, worker, homemaker, and caregiver." As women we have been told that we can "have it all," but often "having it all" comes with a lot of stress. We feel the pressure to be "superwomen," to be everything to everyone; a good mother, wife, friend, daughter even caregiver to aging relatives. The term “Superwoman Syndrome” has been used to describe this experience of stress in multiple-role women." 

 According to a recent study by the University of Minnesota and Cornell University; "Mothers are more likely to multi-task, the data showed, cooking and cleaning while with their children, directly caring for them or handling some other type of essential, behind-the-scenes management of the child’s life such as arranging appointments with the doctor, signing them up for summer camp or shuttling them around." Many women feel like an impossible task of trying to be everything to everyone. Why not let your kid unload the dishwasher, or have dad take your daughter to ballet class this week?

With all of these daily obligations, it can be difficult to spend actual quality time with your children. There's just too much to do!  It might even seem like everyone else has it together but you. How do your friends and neighbors find time to volunteer at the school or manage to plan amazing birthday parties for their children? It might seem natural to compare yourself to others, but just know that motherhood is not a competition. Everyone has their unique interests and talents. Besides, maybe you aren't the volunteering or party planning type, but you still want to give your kid a memorable birthday.


You have a lot to do, and sometimes you just don't have the mental energy to expand on an expensive gathering. A lot of people like to have their parties at home, but that can be a challenge in of itself. Do you really want a bunch of kids running around your house and tearing up the place? "I will spend a few hundred for the convenience of not having a house full of kids," says local mom Cinnamon Wright of Frederick. Setting up for and cleaning up after a party can be a major headache for anyone. Is having a party at home really worth the money you might save? Perhaps it's time to look for an all-inclusive venue that will give you some peace of mind.

Cost often is the number one consideration when it comes to planning your child's next birthday celebration. "The first thing I look at is cost and how many kids are included for the price. I need a spot where there can be a lot of kids and still allow me to stay within budget," says Sarah Preston of New Market. For Amanda Feeney of Frederick, the price needs to be affordable. "I don't want to have to put a birthday party on a credit card," she says.

 "It's a kid's birthday party, not a wedding," adds Cinnamon Wright.

As a working mother of two, Feeney is looking for a birthday party spot that will simplify the planning. "I also would look for a place that provides all of the food and the cake so that I have less to coordinate and bring in." What else are families looking for in a birthday party venue? For Kelly Williams of Frederick; "Safety, cleanliness, and affordability,” are at the top of her list. Brandon Nolke of New Market mentions Chuck e Cheese and the soccerplex as venues that his two daughters enjoyed. "The best birthday parties are not forced fun," he says.

For Sheri Almeida, Backyard Inflatables was a quick and easy solution for her son’s last birthday. Her children had been to the bounce house several times, and she knew that they always had a great time. She was happy with the overall experience her family had with the venue and staff. “The birthday parties are well organized, and I like that they assign a worker to help you out during the party. The employees are helpful and really friendly,” she says. "I like that there's a quieter room in the back for the younger kiddos.


Birthday Parties at Adventure Park USA

Adventure Park USA is the best spot in Frederick for your next celebration. After years in the business, they have the expertise to make planning your party easy. Plus, your child will love the vibrant and exciting atmosphere of their indoor activity center. Allow their helpful, and friendly staff to take care of all the details. Let's take a look at some of their convenient birthday party packages:

 Mega Party

  • A party room for 1 hour with 10 slices of cheese pizza, 3 pitchers of Pepsi Fountain beverages, plates, cups, and napkins.

  • Free invitations and thank you cards.

  • All day access to West World Laser tag, Hang 'Em High Ropes Course, Rustler’s Ridge Rock Wall, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, and their outdoor Attractions (seasonal and weather permitting) for up to ten guests.(Limit 4 Go Kart rides per pass)

  • Ten fun passes and lanyards with ten dollars worth of arcade credits.

  • A surprise gift for the guest of honor.

Ultimate Party

  • A party room for 1 hour with 10 slices of cheese pizza, 3 pitchers of Pepsi Fountain beverages, plates, cups, and napkins.

  • Three hours of access to West World Laser tag, Hang 'Em High Ropes Course, Rustler’s Ridge Rock Wall, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, and their outdoor Attractions (seasonal and weather permitting) for up to ten guests. (Limit 2 Go Kart rides per pass)

  • Ten fun passes and lanyards with ten dollars worth of arcade credits.

  • A birthday gift for your child.

  • Birthday Invitations and thank you cards.

Adventurer Party

  • A party room for 1 hour with 8 slices of cheese pizza, 3 pitchers of Pepsi Fountain beverages, plates, cups, and napkins.

  • Free birthday invitations and thank you cards.

  • One hour of access to West World Laser Tag, Hang ‘Em High Ropes Course, Rustler’s Ridge Rock Wall, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, and outdoor attractions (seasonally, weather permitting) for up to eight guests. *Go Karts are not included.

  • Fun passes and lanyards with five dollars of arcade credits.

  • A birthday gift for the guest of honor.

They also offer a ton of additional options and customizations such as:

  • A birthday cake ( 1/4 or 1/2 sheet cakes or ice cream cake).

  • Hologate Virtual Reality or extra Go-Kart rides.

  • Party bags for your guests.

  • Dippin' Dots, funnel fries, cotton candy, brownies, and cookies.

  • Veggie and Fruit tray, veggie wraps, chicken tenders, hot dogs, nachos or soft pretzels.

  • Additional pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage or Veggie)

Maybe you've already done all the leg work for an outdoor birthday party at one of Frederick County's parks. The special day rolls around, and they are calling for thunderstorms all day long. What a disappointment! You can't just abandon all your plans, you need a place with a lot of vigorous indoor activities for your child and their friends. Adventure Park USA is here to save the day. They can often accommodate last-minute birthday celebrations, which is great news for you and your guests. Their western themed indoor entertainment center is truly a one of a kind in Frederick County. Even the pickiest kid will find something to enjoy. Check out some of their attractions:

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 7.35.09 PM.png

West World Laser Tag 

You'll be transported back to the old west in this unique and exciting attraction. Challenge your friends to surprise saloon shootout or an impromptu bank robbery in this carefully crafted western town.

Rustler’s Ridge Rock Wall

Strengthen your body and mind with this vigorous exercise that our guests will be sure to enjoy.

Hang 'Em High Ropes Course

Display your balance and agility with Adventure Park USA’s challenging thirteen-foot course.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars 

Check out this modern spin on a classic. The cars spin every time they get bumped.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 7.34.57 PM.png

Stampede Arcade

Children love playing arcade games, but did you know that these coin-operated machines have a rich and storied history in our country? Early amusement parks featured shooting galleries and ball toss games that were highly popular amongst their attendees. People also enjoyed the coin-operated machines that told fortunes or played mechanical music. The mid-ways of parks like Coney Island served as an inspiration for more modern arcades. The 1930s saw the development of the first pinball machines. As technology improved, many games began to feature solid-state electronics for operation and scoring. "Space Invaders" was introduced in 1978, thus ushering Americans into the golden age of arcade games.



 Many people have fond memories of feeding our hard-earned quarters into a Pong or Pac-man machine. Going to the arcade was an important bonding experience for you and your friends. But now, you're all grown up, and you have a lot of responsibilities. Maybe you work long hours, and it's tough to find some time to relax and enjoy yourself. When was the last time you were really able to forget about your next work project or daily commute? Do you even remember a time when you didn't have to worry about a mortgage or college savings accounts? Wouldn't it be nice to get back to who you were as a kid, to have a carefree space to play and be yourself?

 Sometimes it's important to let those worries go and be present at the moment, especially when it comes to spending time with your children. You know your kids love having you around, and you know that engaging with them has a positive effect on their growth. "Involvement in everyday activities, such as eating dinner together, watching TV, playing in the yard, and playing video games are more important to share with Dad than big outings or trips, although those contribute to children's development as well," says parenting.com.

Isn't it time to let loose and take your children to the Arcade? The flashing lights and electronic music will transport you back to a simpler time when life wasn't so complicated. The Stampede Arcade feels like the best kind of blast from your past. They have classic games like Space Invaders, Jurassic Park, and Buck Hunter. If racing games are more your speed, check out Speed Demon, Fast and Furious, or Nascar. Many people consider Pac-man to be one of the most important games of all time. Remember the thrill of maneuvering around the maze as you try to escape the killer ghosts? The graphics may seem a little outdated to your children, but your young kids will love the simplicity of this seminal game. If you are looking for something a little more active; play a game of Air Hockey or Skee-Ball. Adventure Park also has the latest in modern games; Hologate Virtual Reality is an immersive game that everyone will enjoy. Take your kids to the arcade and show them what you're made of.

As you can see, Adventure Park USA truly has something for everyone; a fantastic indoor activity center with a massive arcade and a host of birthday party options to make your life easier. Create lifelong memories and share exciting experiences with the people you love the most by taking them to Adventure Park USA.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 7.34.38 PM.png

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-Bethany Good is a freelance writer from Frederick.