The school year is quickly approaching. Between back-to-school shopping, school orientation and other preparations it can be easy to race through the last few weeks of summer vacation. At Adventure Park USA we want to help you make lasting family memories before school is back in session.

Frederick County Public Schools start a little later than normal this year which means extra summer vacation for kids. Spend that time with family at Adventure Park USA where you can have more fun for less. Monday through Friday take advantage of our Twilight Pass and get 2 Go Kart rides and 3 hours access to attractions after 5PM for only $25. For the little ones, ages 8 and under, we have a Tot Pass that includes $5 in arcade credits and unlimited play in the Gold Rush Soft Playground for just $7. To see all of our upcoming events and specials click here. 

With a little planning, you can make back to school simple and leave time for family fun before the school year begins. Here are a few of our tips to make the transition easier for both you and your kids:

  • Begin a new routine in advance: A few weeks before school starts move bedtime back to an earlier time. This helps ease into the school-year schedule and makes the adjustment much easier – especially with young kids.

  • Read with your kids: Make a point to read with your kids on a daily basis during the last few weeks of summer break. It will help prepare them for doing homework once the school year begins.

  • Get organized: Create a family event calendar to help you keep track of everyone’s busy and ever-changing schedules. Avoid last minute panic by going through school packets and information before they are due. Don’t forget to write all important dates on your calendar!

For the kids who are too young to attend school in the fall, Adventure Park Academy has Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs. Teachers use an emergent thematic and play based approach to curriculum teaching. During these programs, emphasis is placed on the social skills of sharing, communication, self-concept and meeting personal needs. Both programs are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. For more information about Adventure Park Academy, click here.