The Fall Festiv-ALL 2022 – Things to do

I am the kind of girl that comes alive during autumn. I thrive on hot apple cider surrounded by pumpkins outside in the cool crisp air. Finding places to satisfy my fall cravings is a lot of fun with the family and Adventure Park USA New Market, MD is one of the best ones in the area! They have a family fun Fall Festiv-ALL that has both kids, cider AND adults over 21 years old hard cider, pumpkin field, zipline, petting zoo and more outside fall themed activities. The Fall Festiv-ALL offers loads of attractions that kids of all ages can do together and still enjoy despite any age difference! When I send friends the Fall Festiv-ALL web link they are always sold and we like to meet there for all the seasonal excitement! It makes for a great family day or social event.

Arriving to Adventure Park USA is always fun for the kids with the creative western themed building, and is fun for the adults with easy access parking. When greeted by the arcade lights on the right and BBQ smells from their Whistlestop Restaurant on the left, fun energy takes over. The rides are irresistible for our family so we buy “fun passes” with our Fall Festiv-ALL tickets to ride rides and play games afterwards. The Fall Festiv-ALL is in an open area to the left of the giant slide and I love how there is draft beer and hard cider available for sale as soon as I enter the festival area. I absolutely love the hard cider on tap and it puts me immediately in the Autumn mood. The jumping pillow is the perfect place to start as it’s fun for kids while I sip my beverage and take in the sight of my happy children. Once they start getting exhausted on the pillow they can move to the shilo for some quiet sensory play. All of the kids have fun digging and burying each other! The shilo recovery time leads into another surge of energy for the big tube slides and zipline! I have so much fun cheering on the kids racing each other on the zip lines. Even I got in on the zipline racing, and yes I win! 

The Fall Festiv-ALL offers a Native American Experience, which is very unique for the New Market, MD area. While on the giant tire wheels my kids heard a whip cracking and rushed over to see what it was. The Performer does a great job engaging the kids and a crowd to join the show. He explains the weapons, culture, and history of his own tribe as well as other Native American tribes all over. The kids love being able to see these weapons and clothing pieces in real life. 

The Fall Festiv-ALL brings the cute with their petting zoo. Petting all the fuzzy friends in the petting zoo and then exploring the pumpkin patch is so much fun together. After all the festival fun and roller coasters, stomachs will be asking for food. Luckily the Whistlestop BBQ restaurant has online ordering so you can place it before trying to wrangle the kids to a table and keep them occupied while waiting. They have food for even the picky eaters and you will leave full! Leaving with exhausted happy children that have full bellies is a parent win.